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Alma Zenic

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  • 41

49,90 €




You will always make the right choice with Alma Zenic. Its soft and delicate colours will match you in any situation, whether under the warm sunshine or the cool night. Comfort and elegance for any moment of your leisure time.

  • Upper part in hand-dyed leather for the most natural look possible.
  • Leather sole for greater comfort with 4 mm EVA.
  • Natural jute sole woven by expert hands.

Our sizing system is our own, so, like everyone else, you will have concerns about whether your size in our brand is one number or another.

Forget about those concerns. This is no longer a problem as now all of our sizes are referenced by their corresponding measurement in centimetres.

So that you can comfortably measure your foot, we have created a template that you candownload here. It is very easy to use:

  • You just have to place it on the floor and against the wall.
  • Place your foot on it with your heel against the wall.
  • Check which number your big toe reaches, and this is your size in centimetres and the size that you will need in our brand.

Simple, right?

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