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Amara de la Cruz Conditions for sale

  1. Scope of application

    The sale of products by Amara de la Cruz in this site is regulated by the present General Conditions for Sale, with the same being considered to be fully accepted without reservation by the Purchaser when finalising the order.

    The Seller reserves the right to update the content of these General Conditions for Sale without prior notice.

    The present General Conditions for Sale are of a contractual nature and are obligatory for Amara de la Cruz and, from formalisation of the order, the client in their commercial relationship with Amara de la Cruz.

  2. Identification of the seller

    Company: SONSHOES, S.L.

    TIN B-54821962

    Address: Calle Profesor D. José Moya nº 3 Bajo, 30400 Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain.

  3. Validity of the offers

    The prices, products and offers published on this site are exclusively addressed to consumers with a delivery address located in the European Union.

    Specific offers (such as seasonal sales, special promotions, etc.) presented on the website will be valid while stocks last or until the end of the period specified for the offer, in which case said period will be clearly visible and will be contractually obligatory for Amara de la Cruz.

    The price of the products that are not subject to specific offers may vary at any time, under the criteria of Amara de la Cruz. However, the price variation will NEVER be retroactively applied to the orders in process.

    In the case of unavailability of an order which has already been paid for by the client, Amara de la Cruz commits to complete the order placed, or to refund the amount in a maximum period of 15 days, to be chosen by the client, and to notify the client at all times via email or telephone.

  4. Offer description

    Amara de la Cruz commits to detail and describe, graphically and visually, the products offered with the highest accuracy possible, taking into account that as the majority of the products are hand-made and created with natural materials, there may be small differences in the finish. In this case, Amara de la Cruz denies all responsibility.

  5. Selection and price of the product

    The Purchaser, under their own criteria, is the only party responsible for the selection of the object being purchased, as well as the use or function that will be provided for the same.

    Amara de la Cruz may describe, in a merely guiding manner in the general information provided for each product, the use considered to be most appropriate for this specific article, which will not generate any responsibility under any circumstances.

    All prices are shown in Euro. Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the price.

    For informative purposes, it is stated that, with the formalisation and payment of the order, the client will receive an automatic confirmation email, which will detail the products ordered and the price paid for the same. Said email is not an invoice, but simply proof of order and payment. The corresponding invoice, with the breakdown of the amounts corresponding to the price and taxes, will be received by the client with the shipment of the product.

    The modification of the VAT tax rate will be reflected in the prices from the entry into force of said modification, and will not affect orders that have previously been made and are in progress.

  6. Order and secure payment

    1. Select the product and make the payment

      The validation of the order by the client implies the acceptance of all of the present General Conditions for Sale.

      Under no circumstances will we record the client's bank card details.

      The process that must be completed by the client to purchase products from Amara de la Cruz is as follows:

      • Select the product to be purchased from our range of articles.
      • Enter the details of the product desired by clicking on the corresponding photo. Within the details, select where applicable the colour and size, and add to the shopping cart.
      • NA window will appear with the information related to the product that has been included in the shopping cart and the options to continue shopping or to go to the shopping cart in order to complete the order.
      • In the shopping cart, we can:
        • Modify the quantity of units desired.
        • Remove the products in the cart.
        • Enter discount vouchers.
        • Continue shopping by clicking on the 'Continue Shopping' link.
      • Click on 'Pay Now' to continue with the shopping process.
      • In the case that you do not have a user profile on the website, you will have the option to log in or create a new account. When creating an account, you will be asked for:
        • Name
        • Surname
        • Email address
        • Password
        • Date of birth
        • Click on the 'Sign Up' button
      • Now you will see a list for selecting the shipping address for your order. You can also select whether you want the address shown on the invoice to be the same address for shipping or a different one. If you have no registered address, the details will be requested in order to create one:
        • Company and VAT number (optional)
        • Address
        • Post code
        • City
        • Country
        • Landline or mobile number
        • Province/State
        • Identification number (DNI, NIF,NIE)
        • Assign a name to identify this address and click on 'Save'.
      • Click on 'Pay Now' to choose the preferred transport company.
      • Select the transport company that you prefer, indicate that you agree with the sales conditions and click on the 'Pay Now' button.
      • The final step is to select the payment method. You can choose between paying with a credit or debit card, or by PayPal (Amara de la Cruz does not accept other payment methods). Take into consideration that you are in a safe payment environment, where all data is encrypted and SSL online security protocol is used.
        • If you want to pay with a debit or credit card, enter the card details, that is to say, the card number, expiration date, CSV code (on the back of the card) and click on 'Next'. You will see a field for the post code, you can leave it blank.
        • If you want to pay with PayPal, click on 'Next'. In this case, you will be redirected to the PayPal page to validate the payment.
      • If there are no issues, you will receive an order confirmation email which will indicate your details (name, email and shipping address), the product details and the amount paid. Remember that you can see all of your orders in the section My account -> My purchases.
      • Your purchase is complete. You will receive it in a period of between 48 and 72 hours. However, this period may be greater for orders that are sent to the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla.

      Amara de la Cruz does not record or visualise the bank details of our customers as they are details that are directly entered into the website of the payment platform, which confirms that they payment has been completed so that we can conclude the purchase process.

    2. Payment non-compliance

      Amara de la Cruz reserves the right to refuse to process orders or complete deliveries for clients that have not paid, partially or totally, for a previous order or where there is a payment claim.

  7. Payment security

    In order to guarantee the security of the payment, Amara de la Cruz redirects the purchasing process to the secure payment website of the payment platform itself (PayPal or Stripe). Amara de la Cruz has no access at any time to the bank details of our clients. This services includes the SSL security protocol. The personal and confidential details (bank card number, expiration date, CSV code) are directly transmitted, in an encrypted manner, through the payment platform server, without any information circulating or being stored on the Amara de la Cruz server.

    The payment request is sent in real time to the secure payment administrator, which issues an electronic certificate as proof of the amount and date of the transaction completed.

  8. Identification of the purchaser and Data Protection

    Amara de la Cruz only gathers the following details:

    • Name and surname of the purchaser.
    • Email address.
    • Telephone.
    • Postal address for product shipment.

    Visiting this website does not imply that the user is obliged to provide any information about themselves.

    The details indicated above will only be obligatory for validation of the order, and will be treated exclusively for the following purposes:

    • The development, compliance and execution of the purchase contract for the products that have been acquired or any other contract between both;
    • Attending to requests sent to us by the owner of the information (including but not limited to, issues or claims related to shipping).

    Amara de la Cruz will never use the information provided by the user for any other purposes, particularly for commercial purposes.

    Also, Amara de la Cruz will never transfer the data provided by the users to third companies or parties.

    The users whose data is treated may exercise, free of charge, their rights to opposition, access and information, rectification, cancellation of their data and revocation of their authorisation, without retroactive effects in the terms specified in valid regulations, in conformance with the legally established procedure and as indicated in the respective forms.

    Access to this website may imply the use of cookies.

    Cookies are small amounts of information that are stored in the browser used by each user so that the server can remember certain information that can later be read only by the server that implemented the same.

    Cookies have, generally, a limited duration in time.

    No cookies on this website permits contact with the user's telephone number, their email address or any other type of contact.

    No cookies on this website permit the extraction of information from the user's hard drive or the theft of personal information. The only way, on this website, for a user's private information to form part of the cookies is for the user to personally provide this information to the server.

    Any users that do not wish to receive cookies or wish to be informed of their placement can configure their browser for this purpose.

    In conformance with the provisions of Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and Council, dated 24 October 1995, in relation to the protection of individuals with regards to the treatment of personal data and free circulation of this data, and the applicable Spanish legislation, we notify you that the details you provide to us will be incorporated to a file owned by SONSHOES, S.L. with the exclusive purpose of managing your registration for the validation of your order and/or the resolution of shipping incidents.

    SonShoes, S.L. declares that the technical and organisational measures for data protection have been adopted in conformance with the valid European regulations. In compliance with the Organic Law for Data Protection, the user may exercise their rights to access, rectify, oppose or cancel their data via an email to, or by post, sending a request and at least one of the order numbers from previous purchases made to SonShoes, S.L., Calle Profesor D. José Moya nº 3 Bajo, 30400 Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia, Spain.

  9. Delivery

    Exclusively for peninsular Spain

    The orders will be delivered in a maximum period of 24 hours after confirmation of the purchase, provided that they are made before 5 pm on working days (Monday to Thursday).

    For orders placed after 5 pm or on Saturdays or holidays, the order will be processed on the following working day, with this being the time from which the maximum delivery period is counted.

    Transport costs: Totally FREE, except where the user expressly indicates that they wish to receive the order in under 24 hours.

  10. Force majeure

    In situations of force majeure that create an obstacle for the delivery of the products, the Seller will have the right to delay the same and, in the case that these circumstances last for over 15 days, to cancel the order, with a refund for the client of the price paid and without an obligation to provide compensation under any circumstances. Cases of force majeure will be considered, among others, to be: strikes, lack of transport, accidents in warehouses, fire, and in general all causes that cannot be attributed to the Seller.

  11. Treatment of packages not delivered by the logistics service.

    The packages that cannot be delivered to the final addressee (for the following reasons: the addressee is unknown as they do not live at the address indicated, they are repeatedly absent or the package is rejected) will be returned to Amara de la Cruz.

    In the case that the addressee is absent, the delivery service will leave a notice stating that they have called and will call again.

    In the case that the delivery address is incorrect, the addressee is repeatedly absent or rejects the package, the packages will be returned to our logistics warehouse. In this case, notification of the incident will be provided via email and a voucher code will be included in the same email for the amount of the package that was not delivered. The client may request cancellation of the voucher and return of the amount paid by contacting our customer care service

    Amara de la Cruz does not commit to reserve the articles that are returned to our facilities, but does commit to return the money for the same.

  12. Liability

    Amara de la Cruz will not be liable for incorrect use that clients may make of the system. Furthermore, no liability will be assumed in the case of an anomaly in the service supply, external intrusions or computer viruses.

    No liability will be assumed in the cases of force majeure as listed above, nor for unforeseeable circumstances.

    Amara de la Cruz will not be liable for damages suffered by the products delivered caused by inappropriate use of the same.

  13. Intellectual property

    Both the brand Amara de la Cruz and its logo and the design of the website, photos, text, sound and underlying programming are protected by the intellectual property laws. Partial or total copy or distribution of the same is completely prohibited. These are the exclusive property of SonShoes or its subsidiaries.